Best Skinning Knife for the Money

Review of the Top 5 Skinning Knives in the Market

If you’re a dedicated hunter, then you need a quality skinning knife. Bagging the perfect quarry can take hours or even days of careful planning, stalking, and waiting. After going through all of that work, the last thing you want to do is ruin the pelt you’ve bagged with a poor quality skinning knife. Every knife manufacturer would like you to think that their product is the best on the market, but they can’t all be right which is why I wrote this detailed post on choosing the best skinning knife for the money in 2018!

Best Skinning Knife for the Money

To begin with, there is no such thing as one knife that will perfectly suit the needs of every hunter. Some hunters will be looking for a knife that is built for skinning and skinning alone while others will be looking for a more general purpose knife that can handle all sorts of jobs. Shoppers also need to consider things like blade material, configuration options, and durability. It can all be a lot to keep in mind at once.

To cut through the hype we’ve dug deep into the top blades available to come up with a list of the top five skinning knives available to hunters today. Each of these knives has something unique to offer hunters. One of these blades is sure to be the skinning knife that you’ve been looking for.

1. Buck Knives 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife

#1 on my list of the best skinning knife is the Buck 110. Skinning a kill might be messy work, but the 110 Folding Hunter Knife has a look that is as clean as they come. It’s a truly classic design from a company that has become so synonymous with their product that the term “buck knife” is commonly used as a generic term for any folding hunting knife. But this knife is much more than a nostalgia piece.

Buck Knives 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife

The 3.75-inch blade is made of 420HC stainless steel, combining form and function into one sharp package. The blade folds up into a gorgeous dymondwood handle. It’s got real wood in the middle and gleaming medal caps at both ends. All together, the 110 is a very attractive knife. But this knife isn’t just designed to look good; it’s built to get the job done.

The only real downside of the 110 is that it is designed to be an all-around hunting knife and isn’t designed to specifically be a skinning knife. This means that while it can do a decent job with most tasks, it doesn’t excel at any of them. If you’ve already got other hunting knives and you’re looking for one that’s built for skinning and skinning only then you might want to look elsewhere.

Still, the 110 is a classic for a reason, offering a balanced overall package that is attractive to newcomers and experienced hunters alike. Along with the knife itself, buyers also get a black leather sheath that fits this knife like a glove. Buck Knives is so confident in their product that they offer a lifetime warranty for their knives, so as long as you purchase a new 110, you can trust that your knife will be free of defects.

Just note that the warranty doesn’t cover misuse, but Buck Knives also offers affordable repair and sharpening services. This is the sort of knife you buy if you want a blade that is sure to satisfy for years to come.

  • 875 inches long while closed
  • 75 blade length
  • 2-ounce weight
  • Folding blade
  • Made of 420HC stainless steel
  • Lifetime Warranty

2. Havalon Piranta Z Folding Blade Skinning Knife 2 3/4″ Blade

The Piranta Z is a folding blade from Havalon. When unfolded the knife is 7.25 inches long, but once the 2.75-inch blade is folded back down the knife is less than 4 inches long. Add in a weight of just 3 ounces, and you get a blade that is lightweight, compact, and highly portable.

It’s an ideal blade for hunters who want to pack light. The handle is made of sturdy ABS plastic and comes in both black and orange. If you want to make sure you never lose your knife while out on the trail, then the orange option is a perfect choice. While some knives are designed with blades that are made to last a lifetime but the Piranta Z is built so that its blade can be switched out quickly and easily when it starts to get dull.

Havalon Piranta Z Folding Blade Skinning Knife

When you buy this knife, you get twelve stainless steel blades, so whenever one seems like it’s losing its edge, you can simply pop it out and put another into place. Of course, this design choice isn’t for everyone. The replacement blades aren’t as sturdy as those you’ll find in most fixed-blade knives. If you’re planning on doing some heavy duty cutting, you might want a heavier blade.

Others will find that the time it takes to properly switch out blades means that you don’t save all that much effort in the long run. Still, this option is great for people who don’t enjoy regularly sharpening their blade. And don’t worry, once you’ve gone through the twelve pre-packaged blades you can find additional replacements at very reasonable prices. It’s also worth noting that the blades are positively razor sharp right out of the packaging, so you can get right to work skinning with surgical precision.

This knife isn’t for everyone, but if you hate the blade sharpening process, then the Piranta Z offers a convenient alternative. To sweeten the deal Havalon offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for Piranta-Z blades that are purchased new, so anyone who decides to buy one of these babies can do so with complete confidence.

  • 25 inches long when open
  • 75-inch blade length
  • 3-ounce weight
  • Folding blade
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Replaceable blade
  • Comes with 12 extra blades
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

3. Old Timer 152OT Sharpfinger 7.1in Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife

While there are plenty of all-purpose knives on the market that can do a decent job skinning animals sometimes, you need a knife that is specifically designed with skinning in mind. The 152OT Sharpfinger from Old Timer is one of these. One glance is all most hunters need to spot a Sharpfinger and that’s why

It’s got a sleek and attractive design that has often been imitated but never truly duplicated. The first Sharpfinger was released onto the market in 1974 and more than four decades later it’s still going strong. The full tang approach to design means that the metal of the blade runs the entire 7.1-inch length of the design, but the actual cutting edge is 3.3 inches long.

Old Timer 152OT Sharpfinger

This knife has a fixed blade design, which means that it’s already ready to start cutting with no pulling or flipping required. The downside of this design is that this knife isn’t as portable as some of its competitors, but it’s still a sleek and lightweight blade. The only other factor holding this knife back is the handle, which is definitely a weak point. It’s slicker than it should be so it can be difficult to get a good grip. It’s not that the handle is terrible, it just isn’t as good as the rest of the knife.

Overall, it’s still a good package. This is especially true when you consider that it comes with a custom-case. This leather sheath will snap onto your belt so you can always keep your blade close at hand. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for and the free sheath isn’t the best quality, eventually you’ll probably want to buy an upgrade. The handle also has a lanyard hole built in so you can secure it anywhere you find convenient with ease.

Finally, it’s worth noting that this is one of the most affordable skinning markets on the job today that can still make a high-quality cut. If you want a full package without paying top dollar, then the Old Timer 152OT Sharpfinger is a smart purchase to make.

  • 1 inches long
  • 3-inch blade length
  • 1-ounce weight
  • Fixed blade
  • Made with 440HC stainless steel
  • Comes with a leather sheath

4. Case Medium Skinner Leather Hunter Knife

If you’re looking for a blade that looks and feels substantial, then the 9-inch case medium skinner is worth a look. Over half the length of the knife is made up of the blade, with a sharp edge that stretches five inches. This makes it the longest knife on our list of the best skinning knife for the money, with the largest blade.

This makes it a fantastic knife for anyone looking to skin larger animals, though people who hunt small game might want to look for a shorter knife. Also, since this is a fixed blade knife it can’t be folded into a compact travel size, so make sure you’ll have space for this bad boy before making a purchase.

Case Medium Skinner Leather Hunter Knife

The skinner blade design makes it perfect for cleanly and easily skinning animals of any size. If you decide that you like the feel of this knife you can also check out the range of different designs, including drop point, gut hook, and clip blades that can round out the perfect knife collection for any hunter. While most knives on the market today are made overseas, Case still makes knives in America. This allows for a greater level of quality control, allowing Case to offer a limited lifetime warranty which covers any workmanship and material defects that buyers might encounter.

The knife also includes a genuine leather case that makes it extremely easy to carry and access this knife. It’s a well-made case considering it’s a free add-on, but it should be noted that the loop is a little small so it can’t be hung from wider belts. It’s not the perfect package for everyone, but most of the criticisms are minor in the grand scheme of things. The main things to consider are size and price point.

Knives from Case might not be the cheapest on the market, but buyers can rest assured that the money invested goes into a knife that is built to last.

  • 9 inches long
  • 5-inch blade length
  • 5-ounce weight
  • Fixed blade
  • Made with Tru-Sharp Surgical Steel
  • Comes with a leather sheath
  • Limited lifetime guarantee

5. Outdoor Edge Swingblade SB-10N Rotating Blade Skinning/Gutting Knife

At first glance, the Swingblade from Outdoor Edge looks like most other folding blades, but a closer examination reveals a truly unique design. This is a knife with not one, but two blades! With this knife on your belt you’ll have exactly what you need to gut and skin your kills with one tool.

This saves time and space since you don’t need to carry two different knives and switch between them. The downside of the two blade design is that you lose the usual advantage of a folding-blade knife, portability. This knife is around 8 inches long no matter which blade is in place. Fortunately, the knife is packaged with a nylon sheath that makes transportation and access a breeze.

Outdoor Edge Swingblade SB-10N

Unfortunately, the holster isn’t as tough as it might be and if you aren’t careful, the razor-sharp knife can damage the material designed to hold it. Still, it’s hard to complain about a knife being too sharp. With the Swingblade you can start slicing right out of the box with no problems.

This is a workhorse of a knife that can instantly prepare you for any sort of cutting a hunt might call for. It’s the only knife that offers a two-in-one package deal.

  • 6-inch skinning blade
  • 2-inch gutting blade
  • 3-inch total length
  • 2-ounce weight
  • Dual blades
  • Made of AUS8 stainless steel
  • Comes with a nylon sheath

Picking the Best Skinning Knife for the Money

If you’ve looked through all of these knives, then it should be clear that each design offers a different take on the skinning knife. Separating them are size, style, and price point.

If you’re having a difficult time deciding between these five options, then it’s worth taking the time to figure out just what sort of knife you want. Think about how you want to carry your knife, what you plan on skinning with it, and what you’d like your knife to look like.

Once you can answer these questions, you’ll have a much easier time deciding on the best skinning knife for your needs. Good hunting!

Best Self Defence Knife under $100 – My Top 3 Choices

An average person on the street probably never imagines that he could be a victim of a robbery or a mugging and that an attack of a similar nature cannot happen to them at any time without warning. The assumption in most cases is that bad things like these do take place but they happen to other people. The harsh reality is that you could be the unfortunate victim of the next robbery or mugging and unless you have taken adequate preparations you may suffer some serious damage to your health, finances, and property.

There are unsavoury people around with the sole intention of living off your earnings and property and have made it their business to steal from other people to survive. Unless you are “Rock” the wrestler Dwayne Johnson or someone who participates regularly in the WWF tournaments, you would do best to look for a good self-defence knife.

Best Self Defence Knife under $100 – My Top 3 Choices:

  • Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife – Best Karambit Knife (~$ 38.38)
  • Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife (~$ 80.97)
  • SOG SEAL Pup Elite E37SN – Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife (~$ 70.74)

#1 – Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife – Best Karambit Knife

My choice #1 is the Ka-Bar which is a tactical knife popularly used by the military and law enforcement in the USA. This self-defence weapon will surely be a dependable friend and maybe your only lifeline in an emergency.

Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife

This karambit or curved knife has an overall length of 5.625” while it’s blade is about 2.3125”, but despite its small dimensions, most law enforcement officers have the Ka-Bar as a concealed weapon. This is a good alternate for them to fall back on in the rare case he or she is disarmed. You would expect to inflict deep and painful wounds on your adversary while you change a bit of his anatomical topography, as a reaction to protect yourself, if attacked. The design of the pistol-like grip enables you to use either hands on the knife naturally and as convenient. Better positioning is facilitated when you use your index finger in the finger grip, near the blade for added control. The impact-resistant zytel handle is virtually unbreakable.


  • Very light at 0.20 pounds
  • Drop point tip
  • Easy concealable
  • Doesn’t rust easily
  • Very affordable
  • Razor sharp blade and full tang construction
  • Reverse or forward grip, can use either hand to handle
  • Comes with a sheath with metal clip


  • Stabbing motions not very impressive
  • Purely for self-defence purposes

#2 – Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife

This ideal self-defence weapon is my #2 selection for the best self defence knife under $100 as it is almost impossible for someone to disarm you without you causing them some injury first.

In close combat, you can depend on this karambit knife to do some very serious damage. Though the initial impression on this knife is that it is small, it can deliver a superb cutting performance that you can stake your life on and do some cutting and slashing to your adversary. The pistol-like grip on the handle ensures you have a very good and firm grip on the knife using either hand as is convenient.

Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife

The overall length is 8.39” while the blade 3.55”. The folding length would be about 5” making it very easy to conceal as it is small and very light in weight. You can even carry this formidable weapon in your breast pocket! The Spyderco knife is a folding knife that has a lock-back mechanism. If you slash at flesh using this knife, you can expect to cause a lot of damage to your opponent or adversary because of the uneven cuts from the serrated edge which will hit more veins than just cutting or slashing them. This knife has a serrated edge very unlike most other knives.

Some other features of this Spyder edge knife are the fibreglass reinforced handle and the four-position clip on it.


  • Very lightweight at 0.22 pounds
  • Blade is razor sharp and supreme cutting performance
  • Easy to conceal
  • Tip-up/tip-down carry position
  • Serrated edge
  • Reverse or forward grip


  • Not much for stabbing motions
  • Easily dulled and needs sharpening
  • Slightly expensive

#3 – SOG SEAL Pup Elite E37SN – Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

My #3 choice is this fixed blade tactical knife originally designed for the US Navy seals.

This knife can be used as a great self-defence weapon by ordinary citizens, though generally used by military personnel. Having an overall length of 9.5” it’s blade is 4.85” long and has a convex shaped tip point which is an example of clip point blades. Concealing this knife on your person may be a little difficult but would easily discourage anyone from meddling with you to their hurt. You can slice, cut, and even stab a human opponent with it easily. Besides this, you can also use this knife for other everyday tasks.

Best Self Defence Knife under $100 - SOG SEAL Pup Elite E37SN

The unique factor with the Pup Elite knife is that the other side is partially plain edge and partially serrated with wide teeth. The spine is serrated form tip to handle and has a straight portion for you to place your thumb for control. The knife resists corrosion and rust as it is made of AUS-8 steel and is coated black, while the downside is that the stainless steel could easily dull.

The handle grip has deep finger grooves and is made of glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) which is a thermoplastic material that is very strong and impact-resistant. The handle is both weatherproof and waterproof. The nylon sheath provided with the SOG Pup knife has a belt loop attachment for easy conveyance and comes with a lanyard hole at the end of the handle.


  • Versatile and lightweight at 0.34 pounds
  • ¾ tang and partially serrated
  • Rust-resistant and razor sharp blade
  • Good for stabbing, cutting, slashing
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Steel prone to dulling
  • Bulky, not easy to conceal

Conclusion – Best Self Defence Knife under $100

My top choice is still Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife as best self-defence Knife under 100 dollars or even under $200 for its affordability, light weight, easy concealability and its features.

However, I would not hesitate to select any of my two other choices in that order, as all three knives are very good and useful as a self-defence knife.

Best Bushcraft Backpack – My Top 3 Choices

When you are out in the wilderness, you need to be prepared. Modern humans are used to having all of the amenities of society close at hand, so it can be hard to adapt to the world of bushcraft. When you’re out in the wild far from civilisation, all you’ll have are your wits and the things you can carry on you. That’s why it’s important to find the best bushcraft backpack possible before you head out.

In this article, we will look at my 3 top choices for the best bushcraft backpack. Each of these backpacks has something to offer, but only one will be the best for your needs. Read on and think over just what each of these backpacks can do to help make your bushcraft experience the best that it can be.

1. Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack – Meat Hauler – Rifle, Bow, and Pistol Compatible and Hydration Compatible

The Badlands 2200 earns its top spot on our list of the best bushcraft backpack thanks to a high level of utility and a great design. When you’re equipped with one of these bad boys, you feel great, and you look great. This backpack is a fantastic choice if you like to hunt when you’re out in the bush. It’s specifically designed for use by hunters, with built-in compartments for all the hunting essentials. There is an integrated spotting scope pocket, a pistol older, and even a meat shelf so you can carry back the results of your hunt with ease and convenience.

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack

This is a backpack built with high-grade materials and quality craftsmanship. For an exterior that’s both waterproof, silent, and durable Badlands uses KXO-32. This is stretched over a frame of T-6 aluminum. Everything works together to make a backpack that is strong, durable, and comfortable to wear. The Badlands 2200 comes in two different colors, Approach Camo and Realtree AP-Xtra. The back can also be switched from camo to orange for maximum safety.

The one real downside to this backpack is the cost. It’s the most expensive backpack on our list, especially if you want to go from the Realtree AP-Xtra. But the cost doesn’t just go to a fancy brand name; it’s clear that all the money goes into paying for the full range of features that Badlands have packed into every square inch of this backpack. It may seem a little expensive for beginners, but if you’re a seasoned bushcraft veteran, you know that a backpack like this is an investment.

2. OneTigris BUSHCRAFTER 50L 3 Day Pack MOLLE Tactical Military Assault Backpack Outdoor Sport Camping Hiking Trekking EDC Survival Rucksack

The Bushcrafter from OneTigris is a backpack for folks that want to carry as much as they can out into the bush. This backpack is designed to hold 50 liters, the most out of any on our list.

If you are just getting started in the world of bushcraft, then the Bushcrafter is a smart choice. It may not come with as many features as some other backpacks, but OneTigris passes the savings onto you. This backpack is highly affordable, offering a great ratio of storage liters per dollar without sacrificing quality.


This storage space is divided between the main pack, front pocket, middle pocket, and expansion pouch. The expansion pouch can be removed if it’s unnecessary. The main pack itself measures in at 20 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 8 inches deep. It’s made of durable 100D nylon, so you can trust that it will take a beating and continue to do its job. The pack comes in black, camo, and ranger green so you can find a Bushcrafter that fits your look as well as your storage needs.

The Bushcrafter is designed for the explorer with uncomplicated needs. If you want a backpack with a lot of specialized compartments and advanced features, then you might want to look elsewhere. But that’s fine; it’s impossible for every backpack to be perfect for every job. The important thing is that the Bushcrafter does what it was designed to do and does it well.

3. BackSak Waterproof Backpack: 500D PVC

The BackSak from Såk Gear might be the last backpack on our list, but it’s far from least. This backpack is designed for wet environments, with a waterproof design to keep the contents of this backpack safe from the elements. It’s a decent size, weighing in at around 2.4 pounds and capable of carrying 35 liters. This storage space is divided into the main compartment and two smaller pockets that offer extra waterproofing.

Best Bushcraft Backpack - BackSak Waterproof Backpack

You might have noticed that the BackSak’s main draw is its waterproofing. It is guaranteed to be waterproof thanks to its design and materials. This backpack is designed to seal shut tight. When properly closed no water can make it through its defenses. The exterior of the bag is made using 500D PVC, and water washes off of it with no problem. Don’t settle for a backpack that soaks up water like a sponge and allows the contents within to be destroyed. With a BackSak you can take your smartphone and tablet out into the bush if you want. When the rain comes do, you can tuck your devices away and keep them safe and dry.

It also helps that the BackSak has a very nice look. The DigiCamo color is the most popular, it looks like a piece of military equipment and will help you blend into the environment. If you want to stand out, you can choose from blue, red, and yellow models that will help you avoid getting mistaken for a wild animal. Even if you do get the DigiCamo, you can still take it off without being too worried about losing it. The bag has reflective areas that make the bag, and you, easy to find even in low sunlight.

Conclusion – Best Bushcraft Backpack for the Money

Each of these different bags has something to offer. If you’re a hunter that wants to carry your weapon and supplies as easily as possible, then the Badlands 2200 is a smart bet. If you’re looking for a workhorse of a bag that can give you a lot of storage at a low price, then the Bushcrafter is a good pick for the title of the best bushcraft backpack

And if you are headed out into the elements the BackSak will keep your supplies nice and dry even when you’re soaking wet. To be successful out in the bush, you need to bring along the right supplies for the job. Find a backpack that is designed to handle the sort of situations you’re likely to face, and things will go much more smoothly in the end.

Best Bushcraft Knife for the Money

A Guide to Choosing the Best Bushcraft Knife

It is important to have the right knife, if not the perfect, which can be used in place of different tools in different situations. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors, then having a great bushcraft knife is a must for you and I’ll tell you the secret to owning the best bushcraft knife.

Bushcraft Knives differ from survival knives and pocket knives and are considered as primarily a wood cutting tool which can be used effectively for notches, feathering and creating points on wooden objects. A bushcraft tool is extremely sharp with a blade of 3 to 6 inches in length.

Bushcraft is also a popular term for wilderness skills; these skills include fire-craft, tracking, hunting, fishing and shelter building. The term came into existence when it was coined by Bush Tucker Man (Les Hiddins) in the Southern Hemisphere and Mors Kochanski in the Northern Hemisphere. The knife is used mostly in Anglo Saxon countries like the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The right bushcraft knife is an essential tool for the bush crafter who loves the outdoors.

There isn’t a perfect bushcraft knife available as a lot depends on the right environment, conditions and likely tasks. For a beach scenario, often a stainless steel blade with a lower hardness is required while a hard carbon steel knife is used in dryer wooden areas by a camper.

There are hundreds of brands and manufacturers available for Bushcraft knives and thus, while choosing the best bushcraft knife, one may make some common mistakes which should be avoided.  The functionality, strengths and weakness of knife are dependent on material, design, features, fit and finish.

One important fact that I always share with my readers is that it is always better to avoid buying a folding bushcraft knife. Always choose a full tang bushcraft knife – where the knife steel runs through the full length of the knife. Also, many people think that the Rambo knife is the ultimate bushcraft knife as it looks attractive. But actually, this is an exception as these knives are cheap and low in quality and are of no use in real life outdoor survival situations.

The best way to truly understand your knife is to put the knife to the task and test it in the wild. For hunting purpose you should be able to track the animals and skin them for food. You can also use it for self defence purpose where you can rescue yourself when attacked by an animal.

Top Bushcraft Knives – Value for money

Below are top bushcraft knives which will help you make your best pick in regard to functionality and money.

1. Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Fixed Blade Knife

Morakniv bushcraft knives have achieved a cult status over time. The knife is made in Swedan and is known for its state of the art quality, impeccable resilience and an extremely sharp blade.

Despite its quality and performance, Morakniv are extremely light on the wallet. It has a 3.3mm thick high carbon made blade which is anti corrosive as it is treated with DLC anti corrosive black coating. To avoid further corrosion, you should clean and wipe the knife to make it dry, plus oil the blade after each use. The blade has a flat grind and sharp point.


The backside of the knife can be used as a fire starter. The knife comes with ergonomic handle with high friction rubber grip and there is jimping at the top of the handle to provide greater thumb control. The sheath comes with full loop and a belt clip while the contour of the grip is extremely pleasing which takes care of the condition that knife will involve some sweat. While working with fire steel or scrapping tinder, the knife is extremely useful as the spine of the blade has a very sharp 90 degree angle.

Key Features of knife:

  • Blade thickness – 3.2mm
  • Blade length – 4.3 inches
  • Total length – 9.1 inches
  • Net weight-  5.4 ounce

2. ESEE-6 Survival Knife

The ESEE-6 is generally used on a camping trip or while fishing. The knife cuts with precision and is used to cut freshly caught fish or any other animal during a hunting trip. It is known for its quality and performance as it is manufactured by Randell’s Adventure Training Company which specializes in making all purpose knives from outdoor to military to kitchen. The knives manufactured by the company are especially used by law enforcement, the military, backpackers and adventurers.


The handle is made with a comfortable linen Micarta which can be removed or replaced, if needed. The handle provides maximum gripping power and doesn’t get slippery and a brown polymer sheath is also included which can be carried with convenience. There are lashing and cord storage holes and a drainage port at the end of knife which reduces water damage. Towards the end of the blade, there is a friction retention mechanism which gives it a good hold in the sheath.

Key Features of knife:

  • Overall length of knife – 11.75 inches
  • Blade length – 1.56 inches
  • Overall Blade length – 6.50 inches
  • Made – 55-57 Rc 1095 carbon steel
  • Handle – Linen Micarta

The ESEE- 6 is a great and handy tool but you’ll have to do a few preparatory things and the flat grind takes a few passes to make the blade sharp. It has a beautiful design and comes with a lifetime warranty. ESEE knife edges are razor sharp so you have to be careful while using them. The ESEE 6 comes with a full flat grind and a drop point for piercing and general safety.

3. Cold Steel Survival Edge

The knife can be considered as an upgraded version of the old Japanese hunting knives. The Cold steel knife is razor sharp, light and is not a full tang blade in the traditional sense. However, it is not made to be used for batoning. The handle of the knife gives it a firm grip which is of great help while doing fine detail work and to be honest, it is a perfect tool to take with you while backpacking or hiking in the wood.


Key Features of knife:

  • Overall length – 9.25 inches
  • Weight – 3 ounces
  • Blade thickness- 2.5mm
  • Blade length – 5 inches
  • Made – German 4116 stainless steel
  • Handle material – Polypropylene with several rubber O rings

The handle of the knife is hollow with a waterproof cap at the end which allows you to use it for small storage purpose for survival aids. It is not a full tang knife and it comes with an ambidextrous secure-ex sheath and a ferro rod. The rubber ‘O’ rings give it a good grip even when the hand is wet. Since the knife is extremely light, you don’t feel a burden carrying it around; it even floats on water because of its weight.

4. Tom Brown Tracker 2

#4 on my list of the best bushcraft knife is the Tom Brown Tracker 2 is designed by the renowned Tom Brown Jr who is an expert survivalist and tracker. The knife is specifically designed to be an outdoor survival knife and is convenient to carry for camping, hiking, fishing or hunting purposes because of its smaller size. The Handle has multiple finger grooves and traction surfaces for easy and safe handling.


Key Features of knife:

  • Overall Length – 9.5 inch
  • Blade material – 0.25 inch thick 1095 high carbon steel
  • Blade Height – 2 inch
  • Blade length – 3.5 inch
  • Handle material – Black linen Micarta with Lanyard hole
  • Sheath – Kydex
  • Weight – 9.6 ounces

The knife can be used to cut through anything because of the durable high carbon steel. It is designed as a survival tool to chop, split, scrape, hammer, saw and do much more. The knife has been made famous by getting featured in movie “Hunted” as well as getting published on the cover page of BLADE magazine.

5. Spyderco Bushcraft G-10

The Spyderco bushcraft G10 knife is a threefold collaboration between Tactical bushcrafter Chris Claycome, a Bushcraft website called and Spyderco designers. The knife has a typical 4 inch blade which is a specific characteristic of Bushcraft knives and the blade is Scandinavian and is made with O-1 tool steel.

Spyderco bushcraft G10

O-1’s high carbon content holds a long term edge and also gets sharpened easily. The black G- 10 handle is comfortable to hold and comes with a lanyard hole while there is also a black leather sheath as well that comes along with the knife. The knife is used to perform wilderness chores such as slicing, chopping, whittling and game processing.

Key Features of knife:

  • Overall length – 8.75 inch
  • Blade – 4 inch O-1 steel blade
  • Blade hole – 0.23 inch
  • Blade thickness- 0.14 mm
  • Weight – 7.75 ounce
  • Blade material – G 10