Alaska Knife Laws – What’s Legal, Illegal and Alaska State Code

Knife Laws in Alaska:

The state of Alaska does not forbid the ownership of any type of knife. Until 2013, gravity knives and switchblades were illegal to own, but they can now be legally purchased by adults and carried in concealment. However, selling these knives to minors without explicit and written parental consent is illegal.

The law states that anyone younger than 21 can only carry pocket knives or defensive weapons in concealment. Exceptions can be made for knives required for outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, and camping, but in most cases, knives should be carried in clear sight by people under 21 years of age.

Alaska Knife Laws

Beyond the age of 21, most knives can be carried in concealment, but the carrier must alert any law enforcement they come into contact with about anything beyond a pocket knife. Anyone possessing a knife that can be defined as a deadly weapon should also report their weapon before visiting a house so that they can receive explicit permission to take the knife inside.

Schools between kindergarten and high school are another important concern. Students may never take knives to school. Adults can only have a knife on the premise of these schools with the written approval of the school’s principal.

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