Best Self Defence Knife under $100 – My Top 3 Choices

An average person on the street probably never imagines that he could be a victim of a robbery or a mugging and that an attack of a similar nature cannot happen to them at any time without warning. The assumption in most cases is that bad things like these do take place but they happen to other people. The harsh reality is that you could be the unfortunate victim of the next robbery or mugging and unless you have taken adequate preparations you may suffer some serious damage to your health, finances, and property.

There are unsavoury people around with the sole intention of living off your earnings and property and have made it their business to steal from other people to survive. Unless you are “Rock” the wrestler Dwayne Johnson or someone who participates regularly in the WWF tournaments, you would do best to look for a good self-defence knife.

Best Self Defence Knife under $100 – My Top 3 Choices:

  • Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife – Best Karambit Knife (~$ 38.38)
  • Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife (~$ 80.97)
  • SOG SEAL Pup Elite E37SN – Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife (~$ 70.74)

#1 – Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife – Best Karambit Knife

My choice #1 is the Ka-Bar which is a tactical knife popularly used by the military and law enforcement in the USA. This self-defence weapon will surely be a dependable friend and maybe your only lifeline in an emergency.

Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife

This karambit or curved knife has an overall length of 5.625” while it’s blade is about 2.3125”, but despite its small dimensions, most law enforcement officers have the Ka-Bar as a concealed weapon. This is a good alternate for them to fall back on in the rare case he or she is disarmed. You would expect to inflict deep and painful wounds on your adversary while you change a bit of his anatomical topography, as a reaction to protect yourself, if attacked. The design of the pistol-like grip enables you to use either hands on the knife naturally and as convenient. Better positioning is facilitated when you use your index finger in the finger grip, near the blade for added control. The impact-resistant zytel handle is virtually unbreakable.


  • Very light at 0.20 pounds
  • Drop point tip
  • Easy concealable
  • Doesn’t rust easily
  • Very affordable
  • Razor sharp blade and full tang construction
  • Reverse or forward grip, can use either hand to handle
  • Comes with a sheath with metal clip


  • Stabbing motions not very impressive
  • Purely for self-defence purposes

#2 – Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife

This ideal self-defence weapon is my #2 selection for the best self defence knife under $100 as it is almost impossible for someone to disarm you without you causing them some injury first.

In close combat, you can depend on this karambit knife to do some very serious damage. Though the initial impression on this knife is that it is small, it can deliver a superb cutting performance that you can stake your life on and do some cutting and slashing to your adversary. The pistol-like grip on the handle ensures you have a very good and firm grip on the knife using either hand as is convenient.

Spyderco Matriarch Spyder Edge Knife

The overall length is 8.39” while the blade 3.55”. The folding length would be about 5” making it very easy to conceal as it is small and very light in weight. You can even carry this formidable weapon in your breast pocket! The Spyderco knife is a folding knife that has a lock-back mechanism. If you slash at flesh using this knife, you can expect to cause a lot of damage to your opponent or adversary because of the uneven cuts from the serrated edge which will hit more veins than just cutting or slashing them. This knife has a serrated edge very unlike most other knives.

Some other features of this Spyder edge knife are the fibreglass reinforced handle and the four-position clip on it.


  • Very lightweight at 0.22 pounds
  • Blade is razor sharp and supreme cutting performance
  • Easy to conceal
  • Tip-up/tip-down carry position
  • Serrated edge
  • Reverse or forward grip


  • Not much for stabbing motions
  • Easily dulled and needs sharpening
  • Slightly expensive

#3 – SOG SEAL Pup Elite E37SN – Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

My #3 choice is this fixed blade tactical knife originally designed for the US Navy seals.

This knife can be used as a great self-defence weapon by ordinary citizens, though generally used by military personnel. Having an overall length of 9.5” it’s blade is 4.85” long and has a convex shaped tip point which is an example of clip point blades. Concealing this knife on your person may be a little difficult but would easily discourage anyone from meddling with you to their hurt. You can slice, cut, and even stab a human opponent with it easily. Besides this, you can also use this knife for other everyday tasks.

Best Self Defence Knife under $100 - SOG SEAL Pup Elite E37SN

The unique factor with the Pup Elite knife is that the other side is partially plain edge and partially serrated with wide teeth. The spine is serrated form tip to handle and has a straight portion for you to place your thumb for control. The knife resists corrosion and rust as it is made of AUS-8 steel and is coated black, while the downside is that the stainless steel could easily dull.

The handle grip has deep finger grooves and is made of glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) which is a thermoplastic material that is very strong and impact-resistant. The handle is both weatherproof and waterproof. The nylon sheath provided with the SOG Pup knife has a belt loop attachment for easy conveyance and comes with a lanyard hole at the end of the handle.


  • Versatile and lightweight at 0.34 pounds
  • ¾ tang and partially serrated
  • Rust-resistant and razor sharp blade
  • Good for stabbing, cutting, slashing
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Steel prone to dulling
  • Bulky, not easy to conceal

Conclusion – Best Self Defence Knife under $100

My top choice is still Ka-Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife as best self-defence Knife under 100 dollars or even under $200 for its affordability, light weight, easy concealability and its features.

However, I would not hesitate to select any of my two other choices in that order, as all three knives are very good and useful as a self-defence knife.

Best Keychain Flashlight Review

Best Keychain Flashlight Review & Buying Guide

Imagine it is already dark outside and you have just arrived home in your car. You remember that there was some important data you copied from your work PC onto a pen drive so you can continue working on it at home, after dinner. You rummage in your car, on the seats and in the glove compartment to find the pen drive and don’t succeed in finding it, wherever you search. The car’s interior light does not seem to help either!

A keychain flashlight is a quick and reliable way to provide the light you need to accomplish your purpose. It’s also a great survival tool to carry with you in the outdoors while camping or hiking.

Best Keychain Flashlight 2017 – My Top 3 Choices:

  • SureFire Sidekick 300-Lumen Ultra-Compact Triple-Output Keychain Light, Black (~$75)
  • Best Small Flashlight Highest 360 lumens: UltraTac K18 Powerful LED AAA Key Chain Torch Light 4 (~$29.85)
  • Nitecore TIP BLACK 360 Lumens USB Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight with LumenTac USB Cable (~$29.95)

#1 – SureFire Sidekick 300-Lumen Ultra-Compact Triple-Output Keychain

My choice #1 for the best keychain flashlight 2017 is almost rectangular shaped and can produce a powerful 300 lumens of visible light that reaches up to 50 meters. There are three brightness settings you can choose from, at the simple flick of a button.

Best Keychain Flashlight

The rechargeable battery is the most attractive feature of the SureFire Sidekick, as with other flashlights you either replace the existing battery or remove the battery first from the unit to recharge. The charging process for this keychain flashlight is as simple as directly plugging the device into the mains through its micro USB port, as you would normally do with your smartphone. Incredible but true! Your flashlight is always readily charged as you would normally carry a power bank to charge your smartphone wherever you go!

The external body of this weather resistant keychain flashlight is very compact and the metal clip provided makes it convenient to carry around with you, wherever you go.


  • Length: 2.5 inches
  • Bezel diameter: 0.58 inches
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Weight: 1.2 ounces
  • Brightness: 300 lumens (high), 60 lumens (medium), 5 lumens (low)
  • Runtime: 1.25 hours (high), 4 hours (medium), 45 hours (low)


  • Micro USB port for charging
  • Lightweight and very compact
  • Weather resistant
  • Multiple light output
  • Flood beam


  • Made of plastic
  • Unit becomes non-functional if the built-in battery dries up
  • Beacon mode during charging may be annoying for some people especially at nights

#2 – Nitecore TIP BLACK 360 Lumens USB Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight with LumenTac USB Cable

My #2 selection is also a very good choice for a portable keychain flashlight. The exterior material is made of water-resistant polycarbonate and is so robust that it can withstand 77 pounds in weight!

You have a choice between four modes for brightness and the highest power achievable is a brilliant 360 lumens which is quite high for a battery equipped with rechargeable Li-ion. The device memory will “remember” the last brightness mode used before the flashlight was turned off. The light beam lights up your peripheral vision and can reach up to 74 meters.

Nitecore TIP BLACK 360 Lumens USB Rechargeable Keychain

You can conveniently recharge your Nitecore keychain flashlight directly using its micro USB port just like your smartphone (very exciting?) or if you are not near an AC outlet, you can conveniently plug your device into your power bank just like the SureFire Sidekick keychain flashlight.

The advanced temperature regulator automatically stops the flashlight from overcharging even if it is plugged in, preventing the unit from overheating. You can easily loop this flashlight in your keychain using the metallic key ring to conveniently carry it around.


  • Length: 2.39 inches
  • Bezel diameter: 0.85 inches
  • Weight: 0.75 ounces
  • Battery: Lithium-ion battery
  • Brightness: 360 lumens (turbo), 150 lumens (high), 35 lumens (medium), 1 lumens (low)
  • Runtime: 30 minutes (turbo), 1.5 hours (high), 6.5 hours (medium), 46 hours (low)


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Waterproof
  • Shock absorber up to 1.5 m
  • Multiple light output with memory function
  • Micro USB port for recharging


  • Consumes battery in turbo mode

#3 – UltraTac K18 Powerful LED AAA Key Chain Torch Light 4

My #3 choice for the best keychain flashlight 2017 is an aluminium-bodied flashlight and one of the best keychain flashlights you can find. Since it is compatible with multiple battery types, you can use alkaline or rechargeable Li-ion batteries with this device and consequently experience a significantly higher level of brightness. You get enhanced lighting through the hidden strobe mode on this device, and four different modes of brightness through a toggle switch, the highest being 360 lumens.

UltraTac K18 Powerful LED AAA Key Chain Torch Light

The keychain flashlight is waterproof and impact resistant as the external body is made of aerospace aluminium. A direct copper thermal path inside the body ensures efficient thermal dissipation so this keychain flashlight won’t overheat.
This keychain flashlight is very compact and can be conveniently attached to your head as a headlamp using the detachable metal clip provided. Using the carabiner clip you can attach this flashlight to a keychain.


  • Length: 2.95 inches
  • Bezel diameter: 0.55 inches
  • Battery: Lithium-ion
  • Weight: 0.75 ounces
  • Battery: Li-ion 10440 or Alkaline AAA
  • Brightness: Using Li-ion 10440: 360 lumens (high), 80 lumens (medium), 5 lumens (low)
  • Brightness: Using Alkaline AAA: 110 lumens (high), 25 lumens (medium), 3 lumens (low)
  • Can be used as a headlamp


  • Lightweight and ultra-compact
  • Shock and weather resistant
  • Multiple light output
  • Flood beam
  • Better thermal dissipation
  • Detachable clip


  • Consumes battery in high mode during extended use


All three of my choices for the best keychain flashlight in 2017 would efficiently serve the purpose of providing a bright, but miniature light to help locate something quickly in the dark in a small space, or light your way on the pathway outside your home or in any other similar situation.

However, if you were to choose only one of the above, then my choice # 1 is the SureFire Sidekick 300-Lumen Ultra-Compact Triple-Output Keychain Light as it reputed to be both durable and reliable, while at the same time retailing at a very affordable price.

Best Camping Tents under $300

Best Camping Tents under $300 – My Top 3 Choices

Every outdoor enthusiast who loves spending quality time in nature exploring the beauty and ruggedness of God’s green earth will own certain gear to facilitate this lifestyle.

One of these pieces of equipment is a tent for camping. As an avid outdoors trekker and a wilderness lover, this is one among many other relevant pieces of equipment that I already own but now I am in search of a slightly bigger camping tent as the family is expanding.

My Top 3 Choices for best camping tents under $300

My top 3 choices for best camping tents would be as follows:

  • Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin 

  • Coleman Echo Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinet 

  • Coleman Tenaya Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinets

All three of my choices are packed with fantastic features and are easy to setup and any one of the three will be an excellent long-term choice for my camping needs during hiking and trekking activity. The brand Coleman is without doubt the best I could find in my research for camping tents.

#1 – Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

Usually on my camping trips my wife is always with me but when my 3 adult kids decide to join us (which sometimes they do!) I need to look for tents that can easily accommodate all 5 of us and this 6-person instant cabin is the winner as my #1 choice for best camping tents under $300.

Best Camping Tents under 300 - Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

Guaranteed the family crowd will be happy with the streamlined and spacious interior of this tent. Though it can fit in two queen-sized airbeds and can sleep five adults inside comfortably, it probably will be a squeeze for six and somebody may voice their objections, loudly. In saying so however, two adults and 4 kids should fit in perfectly with extra space for equipment to be stowed away.

The biggest advantage of this tent is a no-hassle setup as the poles are pre-assembled and require the minimal of effort to set it up. The illuminated and reflective guy lines prevent somebody from tripping over them and upsetting the whole tent structure at night, so somebody can safely step out in the dark. In adverse stormy conditions, the occupants of the tent are safe inside, as the built-in rainfly offers protection from the wet conditions outside.

With the one-piece design of the tent, it will probably take me about a minute to either set it up or take it down. The tent is made of high quality material as the steel poles provide excellent strength and stability even in inclement weather and strong winds.

An adult can stand very comfortably inside the tent as it has been designed with plenty of both horizontal and vertical space in it. You will love the beautiful views of God’s great earth from inside the tent and when it is time to pack and leave, you can take it down very quickly and stow it away in its big-size carry bag provided.

I will always wonder how I managed to use other tents all this time, when this one is so easy to handle, setup and take down.


  • Easily affordable 

  • Setup only takes a quick minute

  • All-in-one construction

  • Very spacious design, 10’ x 9’ x 6’

  • Fabric is weatherproof and moisture resistant

  • Guy lines are illuminated for safety at night

  • Weight 24.9 pounds


  • Inside the tent, the window coverings flap down

  • May be stuffy for occupants as air flow isn’t very good inside

#2 – Coleman Echo Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinet

My sleek looking, well-designed choice #2 camping tent is an all-weather tent that is made from flexible, yet durable material.

The design incorporates a peaked roof and an exclusive WeatherTec system which provides superior protection against the elements. The fast pitch system incorporates pre-attached poles and quick setting feet that facilitate setting up of this tent very quickly. Lightweight steel poles with pre-attached fiberglass poles ensure flexibility and durability.

Coleman Echo Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinet

A built-in cabinet allows you to conveniently store extra gear inside the tent. This tent is ideal for six occupants because this tent also has spacious (6.33’ x 9’ x 12’) design, like my choice #1.


  • Affordable and value for money

  • Setup for this tent is quite quick

  • Flexible and lightweight poles are suitable for windy weather conditions

  • Tent is waterproof as the rainfly is made from polyguard

  • Spacious enough for a adult to stand and move around the tent

  • Weight 25.35 pounds


  • Has only one door

  • Setup could be a bit complicated for some

#3 – Coleman Tenaya Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinets

My choice #3 for the best camping tents under $300 is an excellent value for money and comes with built-in cabinets minus the extra weight that other tents, having cabinets do.

The USP or unique selling point for this tent is its light weight at 16.5 pounds with extra storage capacity. The tent has enough room for my whole family and all my equipment as its dimensions are 6.58’ x 7’ x 13’, probably the largest among my three top choices. Set up is very easy using the durable fiberglass pre-attached poles and the polyester mesh coupled with the polyguard 800mm rainfly keeps the tent occupants dry while facilitating air circulation.

Coleman Tenaya Lake 6 Person Fast Pitch Cabin with Cabinets


  • Very good buy for the price

  • Setup is very easy. Even children can set this up

  • Good visibility at night since guy lines are reflective

  • Excellent WeatherTec system provides protection in inclement weather

  • Double zipper is a big advantage

  • Lightweight at 16.5 pounds

  • Spacious, lots of room to stand up and move around


  • Has only one door

  • Some people find the pre-attached poles difficult to work with

  • Manual instructions are difficult to understand


After having examined the prices and features offered by all three of my top choices for the best camping tent available under $300, my winner is clearly my #1 choice for the best camping tent under 300 dollars – the  Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin , though the other two of my choices are equally good in most of their features that they offer, at varying prices within a small range of about $42.